Why pursue a career in Business Management?

why pursue career in business administration

One question that rules the mind of a commerce student after senior secondary school is ‘ Why pursue a career in Business Administration?’ One area that always has remained a dream for most students to make career in is undisputedly the business management, one of the ever fastest growing field that continues to remain the backbone of any organization.

The study of business management is about a wide variety of tasks and operations, from hiring of team members, production, promotion, delivery of goods and services to maintaining public image of a company.

There has always been an increasing interest among students about studying the specific areas of business management with many of them taking up MBA as a general course to get acquainted with the basics of these significant areas and specialize in specific areas of their interest.

If you are planning to make career in the business management area, pursuing such a UG or PG degree programme is a great way to build skills and knowledge needed to take the next step in your career. You get to grow personally as well as professionally.

Another benefit of pondering upon ‘ why pursue a career in Business Management?’ is that it help you in providing more job opportunities, improving income, increasing insight into your career, and taking on more responsibilities – either in your current workplace or in a new organization.

With this programme, you will be qualified for roles such as Managers, Administrators, Directors, and Specialists in different domains of business management.

If you have these aspirations, one of the pioneering institute in the region, Delhi Technical Campus (DTC) located at Bahadurgarh in Haryana is offering the BBA and MBA programmes to fulfill your dreams.

DTC is committed to train students to face real life business scenarios as effectively as possible, on their path to developing as global leaders in business and management.

The Institute at PG level offers MBA programme with dual specialization under choice based credit system (CBCS) where students can opt courses of their interest using a cafeteria approach from the pool of papers from foundation to discipline-specific courses apart from core courses.

The students have flexibility to opt two out of the nine specializations like human resource, finance, marketing etc. adhering to the ordinance and scheme of examination.

Besides, BBA is another popular program offered at UG level designed for those who have an interest in enhancing their knowledge in the field and also want to diversify their skill sets, become more marketable, or explore a wider range of interests.

Training and placement at DTC is given high priority and is an added advantage if thinking of graduating from Delhi Technical Campus.

As a whole, if you are are wondering ‘why pursue a career in business management?’ and if your goal is to become a well-rounded business person with a unique management perspective, the BBA and MBA programmes offered at DTC are excellent choices for UG and PG levels respectively.

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