Robotics Engineering Certification Course with B.Tech by AP Ankita Sharma

DELHI TECHNICAL CAMPUS Computer Science is one of the booming streams of all other engineering courses due to which while doing engineering in computer science student sticks to the academic syllabus they also like to do other certification such as artificial intelligence, robotics, cyber-security or network security, ethical hacking and other technology-related courses.

Delhi Technical Campus (DTC), Bahadurgarh offers a B. Tech degree in Computer Science with different certifications which gear up the student’s knowledge and gives a good kick start to their career.

DTC encourages its students to learns & experience the new intelligent world. Program, design & build the robots with their new innovative ideas

What is Robotics Engineering Certification?

B. Tech in Computer Science with certification in Robotics Engineering is a program that helps the student to design, test, and builds robots that are productive and harmless to work also as cost-effective to get and maintain.

The aim of such certification allows the student to creatively design & build robotic arms & devices & software to command them.

In another way, we can say that Delhi Technical Campus (DTC), Bahadurgarh provides a platform for Computer Science students to create innovative things & be the part of changing world.  

Robotic Engineering develops machines that replace humans not only replaces human sometimes their work is indistinguishable from a human. Today robots are used in almost all fields and for many purposes.

Certification course at Delhi Technical Campus helps applicants those are keen to learn about automation and mechanical trait. 

Jobs & Scope

With the increasing demand for less labor work and more skilled work, results in the demand for robotics engineering and AI has increased. As a robotic engineer aspirant can work in manufacturing, maintenance, research, and many other fields.

Also, those have interest Research & Development of technology they can also seek their jobs in the field of space exploration, power plant, automobile industry, petroleum, etc.

The applicant can become a Project Engineer, Automated Product Design Engineer, and Robotics System Engineer Maintenance Engineer. 

Delhi Technical Campus (DTC), Bahadurgarh helps their students in learning as well as job hunting and DTC promises the student to find the jobs as per their interest and quality.

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