Network Security Certification Course with by AP Ankita Sharma

Network Security Certification with B.Tech

Network Security Certification Course with is one of the common certification course that is being opted today by most of the peoples.

Observing today’s scenario, some are working from home, some studying and others are running their organization online. One thing that keeps people connected across the globe is ‘network’.

With the increase in the use of the network, its demand related to security issues has also increased which results in the demand of network engineers or network security engineers.

Delhi Technical Campus (DTC), Bahadurgarh offers Network Security Certification Course with B.Tech degree course which grooms students with knowledge about network creation, management & security and kick start their career.

What is Network Security Certification?

B. Tech in Computer Science with certification in Network Security is a program that helps the student to learn about layers of the network.

How the layers communicate with each other, the software & hardware arrangement in network & risk associated with network & how to handle those risks that are network security.

Such certification aims to spread the knowledge about network security that talks about ensuring your resources such as PC frameworks, projects, data, and others from interruption, burglary or abuse, and other types of tampering.

This certification course at Delhi Technical Campus provides knowledge about different types of threats to network & how organizations or individuals can handle these threats at their ends. 

Jobs & Scope

Network engineer plays an important role in the organization as security, maintenance, and sometimes the creation of network-related mechanisms that helps other persons to use the company data.

Thus while hiring for network-related designation company seek those candidates who have done either practical work or have different certifications.

Delhi Technical Campus is providing the security-related certificate to the students which help them in their job hunting also promises to provide them job depending upon student capabilities.

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