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Chairman’s Message

“Tremendous efforts have been put out in Delhi Technical Campus in order to achieve the desired target to make a kind of educational system that contains inclusive education and perfection in different fields of education. From infrastructure to academic types of equipment and technical aid, the university is pioneering to become the best college of B.Tech in Delhi.


A kind of environment was envisioned, which is favorable for the students who enhance their quality education interests. AC labs, centers, educational gadgets, libraries with first-class books were prepared to support students in their academic needs. Well-woven educational philosophies with experiences and knowledge are aimed to pass on to the students by well-trained professors and other educational faculty. 


A set of skills has been given to the students to prepare them in achieving training which consecutively helps them in future preparation and job achievement. Along with the quality education, the other purposes of a student’s life are also taken into consideration. Different technical and cultural festivals are organized every year to boost the motivation inside the students, and a chance is provided to support their talents. The university endorses a student to participate in National and International events in the area of education and extracurricular activities.


We always consider shaping up a student who shows ardour in getting the education and use this tool to make their future bright and bring new colossal change to the society. Because of the continuous efforts of this platform, many business industries show interest in hiring our students and allot what’s good and deserved by the student. Many alumni have established an incredible path for themselves by using these opportunities.


Our aim is driven towards providing an unfabricated educational environment loaded with technical support, educational support, and a support system from student-driven faculty. Different types of engineering and management studies are included to make this educational institute an inclusive body. Inducing programs of other streams facilitate students to acquire vast knowledge rather than monotonous education.


Discipline, following moral and ethical code, is the primary path opted by us along with productively driven educational routes. Continuous efforts from the staff members in achieving our institution’s goal have been immensely appreciated to make this one of the most reputed institutes in India, providing technical and management education to the students. We welcome every deserving student to get involved with our educational institution.  “


Newly Launched Certifications


Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is the part of promoting that uses web and online-based computerized advances, for example, work stations, cell phones, and other advanced media and stages to advance items and services. Digital Marketing is the utilization of the Internet,

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Tally + advanced excel

Tally & Advance Excel both required certifications for finance field students. Digital Marketing is the utilization of the Internet,Digital Marketing is the utilization of the Internet,both are benefited certifications for students to grab the placement in top companies.

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French is an official language in 29 countries across multiple continents,most of which are members of the Organisation internationale de la Francophonie (OIF), the community of 84 countries which share the official use or teaching of French. French is additionally one among six official language

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New Specializations


International Business

MBA International Business is aimed at providing the skills required to compete in the global market. It provides knowledge and deep insight into the dynamic discipline of international business. IBM program brigs knowledge on proactive innovative and collaborative practices that facilitates the development of strong sustainable businesses and prospering areas.

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Business Analytics

MBA in Business Analytics is a 2-years post graduate degree course. Apart from imbibing skills in business analytics it imparts training in technical skills beside leadership and management practices business fundamentals and business communication. In present time use of data is the key to the success of a business in comparison

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Information Technology

IT or information technology alludes to the turn of events, upkeep, and utilisation of PC programming, frameworks, and systems. It incorporates their utilisation for the preparing and dispersion of information.  PCs don’t work without programming. Equipment, in this unique circumstance, alludes to the physical parts of a PC framework.

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Public Policy Management

Public policy centres around the choices that make the yields of a political framework, for example, transport approaches, the management of a public well being administration, and the organisation of a framework tutoring and the association of a guard power. Public Policy Management (PPM) is the way toward attempting to define and impact public

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Operation Policy Management

Operation management is required for associations to deal with the day by day exercises flawlessly. With its assistance, an association can utilize its assets like work, crude material, cash and different assets. Operation Management is essential to improve the general efficiency. Fundamentally, operations forms change contributions to yields.

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Agri Policy Analytics

MBA in Agri-business. Seeking after Agri-business from India is a great decision on the grounds that the course gives a thorough knowledge of the subjects identifying with the Indian market just as a worldwide market. Additionally, MBA in Agri-business in India is generally less expensive. Agribusiness is characterized as farming directed on business standards

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The MBA showcasing specialisation investigates various subjects: Marketing the board, Marketing channels systems, Operations the executives, Consumer and brand knowledge methodology, Forecasting, demonstrating, promoting procedure, Forecasting, Modelling, marking, Salesforce the board, and International advertising. In the realm of furious rivalry

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An MBA degree in Finance opens up different open doors for students in the money related world. … An MBA in Finance can work in different fields, for example, venture banking, tax assessment, charge arranging, budget report announcing an investigation, support investments the board, global money, resource fund, and protection of the executives.

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Human Resource

An MBA in Human assets the board (HRM) offers preparing and information in dealing with the workforce of the association. It is a two-year degree program that centers around the executives, enlistment and giving guidance and direction for the individuals who work in an association. The MBA in HRM or Human Resource Management is the two-year program.

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New Certification programs


Computer Science Engineering

Robotics Engineering

Robotics Engineers is field in science of robotics, or flexible automation. Robotics engineers are in charge of designing, testing, and building robots that are fruitful and safe to work also as cost-effective to get and maintain.Robotics develops machines that can be replacement for humans and imitate human activities. Robots can be used in many states and for many purpose

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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is branch of computer science concerned with building smart machines that are proficient of performing tasks that needs human intelligence. The word may also be applied to machine that shows behaviours associated with a human mind such as learning and problem-solving.AI focuses on enabling one to build intelligent machines

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Network Security

Network security covers a large number of technologies, devices and processes. In simple word, it is a set of rules and configurations designed to protect the integrity, confidentiality and accessibility of computer networks and data using both software and hardware technologies. Every organization, institution, irrespective of size, business needs network security

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Mechanical Engineering

3d Painting

3D printing is an additive manufacturing technique by which you can create a physical object from a 3D CAD model by depositing successive layers of materials. The technique is similar to a traditional inkjet printer, but instead of ink 3D printer deposits desired material to manufacture an object from its digital format. All the major industries have already stared.

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Cnc Machining

CNC machining is a term usually used in assembling and mechanical applications.The term CNC means ‘PC numerical control’, and the CNC machining definition is that it is a subtractive assembling process which commonly utilizes mechanized controls and machine apparatuses to expel layers of material from a stock piece—known as the clear or work piece—and produces.

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Automobile Prototyping

By making this car model which can be controlled with a Radio Control, you will find out about the elements, control, and generally speaking structure of genuine vehicles. You will make your model vehicle with working duplicates of car frameworks like transmission, suspension, power-train, directing, velocity, and the chassis. Automobile  is an interesting profession.

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Electronics Electrical Engineering


A programmable logic controller (PLC)or programmable controller is an industrial computer that has been rugged and adapted for the control of manufacturing processes, like assembly lines, or robotic devices, or any activity that needs high-reliability control and simple programming and process fault diagnosis. PLC programs are typically written.

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SUPERVISORY Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) could also be a system architecture that uses computers, networked data communications, and graphical user interfaces for top – level process supervisory management, but uses other peripheral devices like programmable logic controller (PLC)and discrete PID controllers to interface with the method plant.

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Embedded System

Embedded systems are a blend of equipment and programming systems with an over the top capacity inside a mechanical or electrical framework. It is either fixed in capacity or is programmable to play out a unique capacity.The utilisation of embedded systems ranges from compact gadgets like PDA and cell phones to huge modern systems like industrial facility.

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Communication Electronics Engineering


We are altogether taking a shot at PCs. The PC units are including Processors, input, yield units and memory units, and different peripherals. Be that as it may, what number of us think about the inner engineering of VLSI innovation, processors and single processor Chip.The quantity of transistors is utilised in processor chips which are expanding step by step in densities.

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Embedded systems are a blend of equipment and programming systems with an over the top capacity inside a mechanical or electrical framework. It is either fixed in capacity or is programmable to play out a unique capacity.The utilisation of embedded systems ranges from compact gadgets like PDA and cell phones to huge modern systems like industrial facility.

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Embedded systems are a blend of equipment and programming systems with an over the top capacity inside a mechanical or electrical framework. It is either fixed in capacity or is programmable to play out a unique capacity.The utilisation of embedded systems ranges from compact gadgets like PDA and cell phones to huge modern systems like industrial facility.

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Civil Engineering


3D demonstrating alludes to the way toward making a numerical portrayal of a 3-dimensional item or shape. This is finished utilizing the product. 3D models are currently broadly utilized in an assortment of enterprises. Films, computer games, engineering, development, item improvement, clinical, every one of these businesses are utilizing 3D models .

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The Sustainable Energy Floor is the world’s most proficient vitality changing over walker floor framework which can be utilized in asphalts and high footfall zones like air terminals, sport fields, shopping centers , and railroad stations. Kinetic vitality is another innovation a work in progress. Pavegen gives an innovation that empowers deck to outfit the vitality of strides.

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A typical durability- related phenomenon in many concrete constructions is crack formation. While larger crakes hamper structural integrity, also smaller sub-millimeter sized cracks may result in durability problems as particularly connected cracks increase matrix permeability. Ingress water and chemicals can cause premature matrix degradation.

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