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Applied Sciences and Humanities

Applied Sciences and Humanities Department

The Department of Applied Sciences & Humanities at Delhi Technical Campus facilitates the candidates to study subjects including Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Sociology, & Professional English. This Department aims to familiarize candidates with ethical and corporate practices along with the technical knowledge and making them expressive contributors to society. By keeping this objective in our mind, the curriculum has been intended to allow our students to strengthen the fundamental knowledge & develop their capability to communicate more efficiently as technical professionals. For the holistic development of candidates, the Department at our top B.Tech computer science colleges also organizes various seminars, workshops, conferences, & expert talks that help our students to work in a team successfully.

Also, our department boasts of a highly experienced and intellectual team of faculty members and laboratories equipped with advanced equipment & facilities. Our department of Applied Sciences & Humanities is also active in monitoring candidates’ activities & addressing their concerns to create a student-friendly & conducive atmosphere.

Experienced Faculty Offering Vibrant Support In Applied Sciences  Humanities Department

Our Department of Applied Sciences & Humanities is directed & headed by the expert team of educationalists & administrators. They hold years of experience in the respective fields. Our faculty pass on the instruction to candidates of engineering disciplines & cater to their requirements in respective domains such as Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, & Professional Communication. Our idea behind this is to rev up a strong scientific foundation that pursues a fruitful engineering career. Our focus remains towards evolving sound knowledge of the mathematical tools to intend
technocrats to outshine in their profession. Our professional teachers always give excellent force on students as math is one of the major subjects for all technical courses. Apart from the good academic & practical skills, communication and creativity skills are considered as an essential component for achieving progress in any sphere, as well. So, we encourage our candidates to perform lots of group discussions, mock interviews, quizzes, presentations.

Our Objective Behind the Course

● To strengthen fundamentals in the Applied Sciences, Maths & Basic

● To develop an ability to communicate efficiently as a technical professional.
● To provide an environment for working efficiently in groups.
● To prepare students for ethical issues.
● To create a good base for further engineering learning.

Grab Numerous Employment Opportunities

Students of humanities are not knowledgeable in their subject, and they are also great communicators & excellent writers. The students often have a love for arts people as well. These qualities translate to the host of job options. We are on the top ranking of engineering colleges in NCR and provide our students with numerous opportunities worldwide. The English Communication skills laboratory is an integral part of our department. If you are looking for the best college of in Delhi, Delhi Technical Campus is your better choice. Enroll now!

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