Why Mechanical Engineering after 12th? by AP Prince Aggarwal

Why mechanical engineering after 12th

Among one of the highly asked questions by students is- ” Why Mechanical Engineering after 12th ?”

Engineering is one of the most preferred course by the students after completing their school. For the admission in the engineering college student have to clear JEE (both pre and mains). It is very important to choose the right engineering college and course for a good future.

About Mechanical Engineering –

It is one of the oldest and evergreen branch that engineering have. Students who are interested in Manufacturing, Design, Production, etc. can go for the specialization in Mechanical Engineering.

Another answer to “Why Mechanical Engineering after 12th?” is – The scope of Mechanical Engineering is high in both Govt. and Pvt. sector. Mechanical Engineering also share interest with many other engineering stream like in Electronics, Civil etc.

As Mechanical Engineering deals with machines and equipments, while pursuing it student will get to explore all  the machines and equipments related to their field. To grow their knowledge students can do practicals, experiments in the labs and workshops. The lab Mechanical Engineering have are –

  1. Fluid Mechanics Lab – It helps to study all the fluids under static and dynamic conditions. This lab includes setup such as, Venturimeter, Pitot Tube, Metacentric height apparatus, etc.
  2. CAD / CAM Lab – Mechanical Engineering also helps to experience the knowledge of softwares like CAD & CAM which give the knowledge about 2D & 3D drafting.
  3. Internal Combustion Engine Lab – An I C Engine converts chemical energy into Mechanical Energy. Here student understand the difference between S.I and C.I Engines.
  4. Heat and Mass Transfer – Here Students understand the mechanism of conduction, convention and radiation with their practical application.
  5. Dynamics of Machine Labs – This lab helps student to know about the vibration and balancing of forces.
  6. Material Science lab – This lab includes the testing machine which helps to test, compression, tensile, and Torsion and Bending of a material.

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