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Robotics Engineering (CSE)

Robotics Engineering

Robotics Engineers is field in science of robotics, or flexible automation. Robotics engineers are in charge of designing, testing, and building robots that are fruitful and safe to work also as cost-effective to get and maintain.

Robotics develops machines that can be replacement for humans and imitate human activities. Robots can be used in many states and for many purposes, but today many are used in risky environments (inspection of radioactive materials, bomb detection and deactivation), manufacturing processes, or where humans cannot survive (e.g. in space, underwater and clean up and containment of hazardous chemicals). Robots can be structured in any form but some are made to look a lot like humans. Such robots attempt to imitate human activities like walking, speech, reasoning or other activities. Many robots today are inspired by natural surroundings, contributing to the sector of bio-inspired robotics.

Advantages of Robotics Engineering

Robotics offers a candidate the exceptional advantage of showing their vision to the world. Also it helps them to check all of his concepts time to time by implementing them practically.

Why Robotics Engineering ?

Applicants having interest in automation and mechanical trait of machines also researching, designing, and building robots that work for various practical purposes can do this course. Having skilled programmable logic controllers, programming, mechanical design and similar subjects helps applicants gain excellence in the course.

Jobs for Robotics Engineering

Jobs for robotic engineers are mainly in manufacturing, maintenance, research and many other fields. Development of technology marks the use of this technology in space exploration, power plant, automobile industry, petroleum etc. The applicant can become Project Engineer, Automated Product Design Engineer, Robotics System Engineer Maintenance Engineer in future.




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