Robotic Process Automation by AP Vandana Dabas

Robotic process automation
Due to the pandemic situation COVID -19,we pulled the emergency brake on the world economy. After a few weeks of crisis management and making a hundred decisions a day, we started to settle into a new rhythm, now its time to get in touch with ROBOTICS but with some different perspective towards automation of daily routine work in the office.

The word ROBOTICS itself carries so many definitions in different aspects of problem solutions and nowadays ROBOTIC PROCESS AUTOMATION emerging out as a new option for the post-COVID -19 era of office automation.RPA is the technological imitation of a human worker with the goal of automating structured tasks in a fast and cost-efficient manner.

Even that the term “robot” brings to our minds visions of electromechanical machines, it is important to know that RPA is not a physical robot, it is a software-based solution that is configured to carry out repetitive operational tasks and procedures that are used to be done by humans.

RPA can automate rules-based processes that involve routine tasks, structured data, and deterministic outcomes, for example, transferring data from multiple input sources like email and spreadsheets to systems like ERP and CRM systems. Most applications of RPA have been done for automating tasks of service business processes like validating the sale of insurance premiums, generating utility bills, paying health care insurance claims, keeping employee records up-to-date, among others.

On the IT side, one “robot” equals to one software license. This robot is integrated across IT systems via front-end, as opposed to traditional software, which communicates with other IT systems via back-end so it is possible to integrate RPA with virtually any software used by a human worker, regardless of its openness to third-party integration.

According to the Institute of Robotic Process Automation (IRPA) .RPA technology is not a part of a company’s information technology infrastructure, but rather sits on top of it. DELHI TECHNICAL CAMPUS introduces a new specialization in ROBOTICS, it’s your chance to get enrolled in the same course and get your future secure.Ms. Vandana

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