NO More Just B.TECH by AP Ankita Sharma

When a student opt for the his/her high school major at that time some students make up their mind regarding what major they will opt in college.If student selects commerce they generally go for BBA, BA , CA , Bachelor of Economics etc. and if they opt science they go for in Computer Science, in Mechanical, in Electronics & Electrical, BSC, BCA etc. But with changing & growing world just doing the courses is not enough.
Student always go for more, parents ask their child to do more, company expect from candidates more, so doing just Bachelor’s is not enough.
Then what to do & from where to do?????
It is generally suggested to do extra certification with the course from the reputed & certified companies.
With this they get answer of their question that they have to get some certification which will boost their career and knowledge but it is still vague because what to do is still unclear.
What to do?
Answer to this is to do such certificates that are as per their course, their interest, their knowledge.
Select for the course in which you are interested not the one which are trending. Although doing course in trending & booming topic is good but if aspirant is not interested in the domain there would be less gain.
Students doing B.Tech in Computer Science can do the following courses:

  1. Big Data Hadoop.
  2. Artificial Intelligence
  3. Cyber Security
  4. Ethical Hacking
  5. Any programming language
  6. Microsoft Azure Certificates
  7. Graphic Design Certification etc.
    Once the candidate have decided what is his/her interest then they can search for good company or
    institutes that help them in these certificates.

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